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Flats are baseline unmodified humans, born with all of the natural defects, hereditary diseases, and other genetic mutations that evolution so lovingly applies. Flats are increasingly rare—most died off with the rest of humanity during the Fall. Most new children are splicers—screened and genefixed at the least—except in habitats where flats are treated as second-class citizens and indentured labor.
Implants: None
Aptitude Maximum: 20
Durability: 30
Wound Threshold: 6
Disadvantages: None (Genetic Defects trait common)
CP Cost: 0
Credit Cost: High

Plasmid: Otherwise known as: a body like that in which you were born, to which you hoped never to return.
Moxie Harper: Actually, there’s a decent demand from people that want to sleeve something “old-fashioned’ and “original.” I’m pretty sure it started as a Venusian socialite fad.
Nezumi: *facepalm* The only sensible part of that is that flats are actually pretty rare outside of Earth orbit, Luna, and the Jovian Republic.
Das Frettchen: It gets weirder. I know oligarchs that collect flats. Yes, that’s right, original born-on-Earth skins are quickly becoming collector items. Especially if they are in mint condition. Interestingly, non-rejuvenated bodies that have aged well are picking up a considerable price tag.
Nova Vida: I’ve always wondered what happened to older flats. I assumed they were rejuvenated rather than retired, but even then I didn’t expect them to be top hits at the body bank.
Plasmid: The body banks I know keep a few on hand as out-of-stock last-resort options; there’s always someone who’d rather take a flat than a quality synth. The flats with recurring health problems typically go at cheap rates to desperate infugees.